What is DigitalMandi?
This Project is based on Agricultural Marketing Information System Network sponsored by BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) and is implemented by IIT Kanpur. The project is aimed at networking all the Mandi's located throughout the country, for effective information dissemination. It facilitates in the effective dissemination, over web, of the daily arrivals and prices of commodities in the agricultural produce markets spread across the country. Our aims at improving decision making capability of the farmers and strengthening of their bargaining power.

How can I access DigitalMandi?
You can access DigitalMandi by visiting the BSNL Live home page, Scroll the page and click on “DigitalMandi for Kisan” link.

What I have to pay for DigitalMandi services?
Nothing, normal GPRS data charges are applicable.

What is Guest User?
Guest User section is allowing you to access the DigitalMandi site without registration.

How to register in DigitalMandi?
Click on the register menu on the DigitalMandi home page and follow the instruction. If registration menu is not there, it means you are already registered.

How to delete my account?
No, you cannot delete your account, if you want to stop alert on your number simply disable it.

How to edit profile?
Go to the “My Profile” and click on the right top “edit profile” link.

How to login in MyMandi?
You don't need to login. You will automatically get login.

What is MyMandi?
MyMandi will show you the price of selected crop.

Is there any registration charges?
No, normal GPRS data charges are applicable.

How to disable alert?
Go to the profile -> edit profile and unselect the alert options.

What is DigitalMandi Mobile App?
DigitalMandi App allows you to access the DigitalMandi services in one click. Download and install the app. click on the installed DigitalMandi App; it will directly bring you to the DigitalMandi home page.

How to download Mobile App?
Click on the “Download Mobile App” link bottom of the page and then click on the “download” link. You will also get the link via SMS.

Do all handsets support DigitalMandi mobile app?
All java supported handsets. See detail in download section.