• Our paper on Low Latency and Energy Balanced Data Transmission over Cognitive Small World WSN accepted at IEEE Transactions on TVT 2018. Congrats Om Jee !
    • Our work on Cooperative Localization over Small World WSN accepted at IET Wireless Sensor Systems Journal. Congrats Om Jee !
    • Our paper on Joint Localization and Data Gathering over Small World WSN
      accepted at IEEE Transactions on TVT. Congrats Om Jee !
    • Our paper on Q-learning based mobile sink scheduling accepted at ICASSP
      2018. Congrats Surender!
    • Paper on energy efficient wake up radio protocol for IOT accepted at WCNC
      2018. Congrats Surender !
    • Our work on Localization using Small World WSN accepted at Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks Journal.  Congrats  Om Jee !
    • Surender Redhu awarded TCS Fellowship. Congrats Surender ! 
    • Paper on Localization using visible light accepted at Springer WPC
      Journal. Congrats Om Jee !
    • Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Alumni of WSN lab is now Asst. Professor in EE at IIT Patna.
    • Two poster papers accepted at Comsnets. Congrats OmJee Pandey and Surender Redhu ! 
    • Joint work with Oxford WSN Lab on Fingerprinting based Localization accepted at Elsevier Ad-Hoc Networks Jounal.

Old News…


The focus of the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Lab at IIT Kanpur is on building ad-hoc autonomous sensor networks which are capable of self organizing themselves depending on the particular application. Developing algorithms that are novel, computationally simple and suitable for real time deployment is the primary objective. Another aspect being addressed for the development of the lab is the social relevance of the applications in the Indian context and conditions. The Lab is equipped with a variety of National Instruments and Cross Bow WSN nodes and gateways .

Technical Areas of Focus 

  • Mobile Beacon and Node Localization using array processing methods
  •  Mobile beacon tracking using signal processing methods
  • Self organizing autonomous sensor networks with random geometry
  •  Distributed Multi sensor data fusion
  • Situation aware multi modal sensor and cell phone networks

 Socially Relevant Application Areas

  • Agriculture sensing and monitoring
  • Agriculture Information Dissemination
  •  Multi-sensory Agricultural Networks
  •  Vehicular detection, classification, and monitoring over WSNs
  •  Self Organizing vehicular networks

             A typical Schematic WSN setup at the Lab



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